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Compliance Benefits

Are you affected by HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO, GLBA or other compliance regulations ?


Multiple Locations ?

Do you operate multiple locations or nights & weekends ?





SystemCHEK Monitoring saves you money every day, and is an invaluable tool to improve the management of your systems.


Starting in 2011 it's included free-of-charge with every subscription for both RemoteCHEK and Hosted Windows Server.


Let's face it. You rely on your computers more and more, your investment in IT equipment is growing, machines are holding more data and programs, and there are new technologies you need to implement to remain competitive in your field.


But, it's difficult to keep track of all your assets using old-fashioned manual systems; you have no idea how many copies of each software title you need to upgrade; and measuring the performance of your computers is something you can only dream about. Until now !


SystemCHEK Monitoring is a cost-effecitve service which provides organizations of all sizes and configurations with 24x7 monitoring of their IT and electronic office assets, at the home office, warehouses, branches and stores, and for users on the road. Our savings can be directly related to reducing downtime,  software & hardware purchases, and exposure to compliance regulations.


SystemCHEK Monitoring fits any budget.


Monitor as few as 2 laptops and workstations for $1.75 per month each, with full reporting and unlimited support. 

Read about monitoring.


For complete protection, combine [monitoring]+[disk encryption]+[data wipe]+[data recovery].  That's the idea behind The Security Suite.



SystemCHEK is used to automate all of these tasks:
  • DiskSpace Monitoring
  • Memory & Processor Monitoring
  • Windows Service Check Monitoring
  • Anti-virus Update Monitoring
  • Windows Update Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Hacker Checks
  • Advanced Disk Health Monitoring
  • Automated Logging and Reporting
  • Fault History Reporting
  • Asset Reporting (HW, SW, HotFixes, Updates)
  • Missing Device Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
  • Windows OS Patch Management (3Q10)
  • Network Security Scanning (3Q10)


SystemCHEK provides all these features in a single solution:

  • SNMP, Email and SMS Alerting
  • Remote Server/Desktop Control
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports via email
  • Web-based Client Portal
  • Agent auto-updates